Wednesday, 16 November 2011

If A Body Meet A Body Image: Suat Eman /
Whenever I see a runner I think good thoughts for her (or him) and I call those good thoughts "vibes". I wish her speed, strength, stamina, energy, moderate temperatures, more daylight, clear skies, smooth trails, lots of things. I like to think she feels my vibes and feels energized by them. My kids think I'm a bit delusional for doing this but I don't think I'm alone in sending vibes. When I'm out running, people nod or wave or smile, they move aside or stop to allow me to pass. Those small humble acts are vibes. I feel them. When I'm running with a group, people's vibes are more grandiose and apparent; they high-five us, shout words of encouragement or honk their horns. And I really feel those!

I was running with a friend a couple of nights ago and a man, drunk or toothless or crazy (or maybe drunk and toothless and crazy), shouted something at us. He was completely unintelligible. I have no idea what he said but from his tone I believe the gist of it was, "You go, girls!" Anyway, it was a vibe, I'm sure of it.

A bit later, we passed a young man on the street. We were near the end of our route, energy flagging, breaking form, complaining a bit, and he shouted, "Relax your hands!" What?! "Relax your hands!" Okay. "If you relax your hands you'll be able to run another twenty kilometers!" Thanks! I relaxed my hands. What a nice guy! And that was a vibe if ever I felt one!

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