Thursday, 10 November 2011

Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge

Run To The Finish blog is sponsoring its fourth annual Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge and my friend, Sam, thought it would be a good way to keep our health and fitness goals on track during the oh-so-tempting holiday season. This is an American challenge but Canadians like us are welcome to join (Yay! We should get bonus International Relations points!). The challenge runs from November 19 to January 6 and participants range from fitness beginners (Builders) to those with more established fitness regimens (Doers) to competitive super-athletes (Show-offs...I mean, Advanced). Points are earned for fitness activities and better food choices with additional bonus point opportunities thrown in. I'll be tallying my points here at the end of each week. That'll keep me accountable (to Sam if no one else!).

Sound fun, right?? Join us! You can read the rules and sign up at Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge 2011.

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