Monday, 31 October 2011

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June:  I am finally successfully running outside. Not far, and not fast, but I am doing it! Woohoo!
October:  I haven't stopped since and now run outside three or four times a week.

June:  I've been a treadmill runner for years and running outside is soooooo different!
October:  I use the treadmill when time constraints and weather conditions keep me from running outside.  I'm glad to have the option but now treadmill running seems boring and tedious.

June:  Is it 5k? I can do about 3k now so I'll work towards that!
October:  I was disappointed when the club's run was "only" an "easy" 5k.

June:  I hope you're not expecting conversation during the run. I'm not one of those chatty runners you see out on the trails. I am too busy remembering to breathe for chit-chat. And I am focussing hard on motivational thoughts such as "If you make it to the next intersection it will be easier for the paramedics to recover your body when you collapse" because I know the power of positive thinking.
October:  I chat and laugh the whole time.  Unless I'm alone.  And even then sometimes.
I am very grateful for friends who encourage and motivate me, running partners who make the time pass swiftly and pleasurably, and running instructors and leaders who teach, guide and correct me.  I am still learning and improving, getting stronger, going farther and faster.  You can do it too, and I hope it brings you joy!

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